Timeshare versus Fractional Ownership


The boomer generation is out looking for some fun, some of them-the zoomers, as they are known-are looking for a lot of fun.  Back in the 1980′s the phenomena of Timeshare came into real estate.  This is a transaction where you purchased a “timeshare”, usually a vacation destination.  You were then able to use your [...]

World Class Diving in Anguilla …. So Pristine !


World Class Diving in Anguilla   ….  So Pristine ! So much to see and do in Anguilla !!   A favorite is to go snorkeling and diving .   So serene and quiet ….  Giving you a peaceful view of another world..! Seeing so much …. Fish .. Sea Turtles .. Sea Rays … Lobsters… and more [...]