Jacala Restaurant Anguilla

Meads Bay Anguilla Jacala 7 Palms Villa

Jacala Restaurant  Anguilla Jacala Restaurant on Meads Bay in the Caribbean on the Island of Anguilla.                       Truly a World Class Restaurant ……  Anguilla Villas  7 Palms Villa….. While meeting a few friends for Lunch …Fabreez ( French Chef) and Emeline (Wine Dist) …..Fabreez said let’s go to [...]

Veya Restaurant- a Must experience, Elegant Restaurant on Anguilla


Veya Restaurant Wow, is what you will be thinking when you walk into Veya Restaurant, an elegant, magical restaurant situated among gardens and palms tree with unimaginable views. Walking up to Veya Restaurant you go through a lush Anguilla garden and can enjoy the shimmering Koi Pond. The seating area of Veya Restaurant is actually [...]

The Pumphouse Anguilla- “the Place” for nightlife!


The Pumphouse Anguilla If you are visiting Anguilla and are looking for a place to go relax in the evening and listen to live music then The Pumphouse Anguilla is “the place” to enjoy Anguilla nightlife. The Pumphouse Anguilla is a historical building with a fun past. For many years it was used as a [...]

What to have for breakfast !! Lobster

Have some fun !!

What to have for breakfast !!   Lobster While on a Caribbean Vacation in Anguilla …Relaxing, reading and enjoying Life !  I was staying at 7 Palms Villaover Valentines Day !   Watching the wales in the distance passing by truly a sight to be seen …..!!! Passing the time in the afternoon , I decided to [...]

Victoria’s Secret .. in Anguilla


Victoria’s Secret  ..  in Anguilla Well traveling to Anguilla Villas …. in Anguilla… I came upon Victoria’s Secret …….. Limitless     Quite a sight !!! Here’s a You Tube of Limitless coming into Simson Bay St Martin 10 th largest yacht in the world   ……  Awesome sight ….. !!!! No pictures of the interior ……….. Mega Yacht  “Limitless” www.facebook.com/SevenPalmsVillaAnguillaVictoria’s Secret  ..  in Anguilla  

A warm beach and gentle breezes, dreams of Anguilla


I woke up early thinking of the beach.  It is always like this when the real winter shows up. The first couple of weeks where you are really considering pulling out that coat you can get away with not doing so because you are from New England,  and the NFL playoffs are on for the [...]

Soothing sounds of the Ocean, Anguilla Vacations

Boat Ride to Scilly Cay

Soothing sounds of the Ocean, Anguilla Vacations To locate the soothing sounds of the ocean you can visit Anguilla for your next vacation. Anguilla has the best beaches, just check out some of these photos.  Anguilla is on the Eastern side of the Caribbean only 7 miles from St Maarten’s.  It has some of the [...]

Thanksgiving Week Home Rental Special

TAS_F_Scilly _Cay

  Anguilla Real Estate and the rentals for homes in this storied island only seven miles from St Martaan (St Martin) in the Caribbean are the highest rental rates in the Caribbean for good reason.  Anguilla has been voted on the Top Lists in Beaches, and Restaurants in the world!  This tiny island has gathered [...]

More Things to do in Anguilla Winter Vacations

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More Things to do in AnguillaIf you have ever been to Anguilla and looked for a home to buy or rent then you already know what a wonderful place this is.  I represent a select  group of private and exclusive homeowners who have entrusted me to sell their homes and rent their homes.  Things can [...]

Things to do in Anguilla, Winter Vacations

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Things to do in Anguilla, Winter Vacations When most people who have been to Anguilla think about what to do in Anguilla, so many people think beach, relax eat, but this is barely scratching the surface.  We offer a number of private and exclusive homes for sale or rental.  Rent, Rent to own, Option Contracts, [...]