Summertime Black and Blues, Anguilla


Heading into the last weeks of August and Irene has just left the area here in New England with some repair work.  In other areas of the country south of MA there was some considerable damage and delay.  I think if you were delayed by the much hyped pending storm, then you were not paying [...]

Timeshare versus Fractional Ownership


The boomer generation is out looking for some fun, some of them-the zoomers, as they are known-are looking for a lot of fun.  Back in the 1980′s the phenomena of Timeshare came into real estate.  This is a transaction where you purchased a “timeshare”, usually a vacation destination.  You were then able to use your [...]

Anguilla is probably the best kept secret in the Caribbean

Anguilla is probably the best kept secret in the Caribbean Caribbean warmth, pristine surroundings and sophisticated luxury are the hallmarks of an exclusive island resort residence in paradise. Anguilla redefines modern hospitality with a visionary blend of provocative design, pampering amenities and intuitive, personalized service. Take advantage of a truly unique and luxury Caribbean real [...]

Why Anguilla Resort Vacation Home


When considering why and where to buy your vacation home there are a number is issues to be worked through.  Anguilla, a small and private island in the Caribbean located seven nautical miles from St Martin’s, is special.  It is special in many ways.  Safe and secure, Anguilla is known for providing its celebrity and [...]

Temenos Golf Course, Anguilla Vacation


What can be better than getting away from everything for a while and playing some golf in truly wonderful weather.  This week our Red Sox limp into town at 0-6, this the team that was supposed to be the best in baseball this season.  Well as every golfer knows there are a lot of shots [...]