The Pumphouse Anguilla- “the Place” for nightlife!

The Pumphouse Anguilla

If you are visiting Anguilla and are looking for a place to go relax in the evening and listen to live music then The Pumphouse Anguilla is “the place” to enjoy Anguilla nightlife. The Pumphouse Anguilla is a historical building with a fun past. For many years it was used as a mill for refining salt from the Road Bay Salt Pond. The salt pond is just steps away from The Pumphouse Anguilla and is a reminder of how Anguilla used to export salt up until about 1986. Once salt exportation from Anguilla stopped the building that is home to The Pumphouse Anguilla was vacant and unused until 1995 when Laurie Gumbs and his family opened The Pumphouse Anguilla.

Just like Anguilla The Pumphouse Anguilla is a special place proudly portraying the buildings past with displays of old mill equipment and pictures of old sale industry photos. Other displays that make The Pumphouse Anguilla so fun are vintage signs on the walls, license plates from around the world and a life-size statue of a pirate that hangs from the ceiling! You’ll love the experience this open air building offers with beautiful views of the shimmering moon and it’s reflections on the salt pond.

The service is very friendly and enhances the atmosphere. Their menu is very well rounded with something for everyone including appetizers, salads, pizza, burgers, entrees, and dessert. It is nice and relaxing listening to the live music as you enjoy a delicious meal. The Pumphouse Anguilla is also a great place for dancing especially on Thursday nights and during the weekend.

Come enjoy The Pumphouse Anguilla and stay at Villa 7 Palms. For more information contact us at 210-860-1775.

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  1. Anguilla says:

    Pumphouse is indeed a lively spot at nice. Especially when there is local music/bands playing throughout the week.

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