Vacation Homes: The real opportunity

Nantucket Island

On the Beach in Nantucket

The real opportunity with a vacation home is not the fact your family will love you, or your friends and colleagues will covet your home and want to visit. The real opportunity is to put your money into a growth investment that you can use.  Real estate is at a point right now that you can sink way less than the $2,000,000,000 that JP Morgan Chase lost in the market last week and come out so much further ahead in 5-10 years.  No sense in throwing your money away, why not have  your money work for you while it works for your family and friends.

Fractional ownership is one way to get far more bang for your buck.  This is getting together a few of your friends to share in the ownership and time in the place.  This is common here in the Northeast where families share their ski lodges.  This allows you to share both a winter and a beach vacation.   I have several vacation properties that are available with owner financing available.  This can help the qualified person to work out a deal the banks won’t permit.  Long term rental, or rent to own are also possibilities for many.  When you just don’t have the ability to buy, but you see your career moving in the right direction and you feel as thought a vacation home is something you don’t want to put off, this option is a great one.

Anguilla Beach and Ocean

Anguilla Beach and Ocean

We all work hard, but those of us who work hard and plan correctly can benefit from this unique time in our global economy to get more for less.  If you are not thinking about how to protect your assets and put them into something way smarter than Facebook you should certainly consider real estate.  While Facebook is hot right at the moment, your vacation home will grow in value over the next many years which is not something that can be predicted for your social media darling.  Anguilla is a country that uses the dollar as it’s currency, uses English as it’s language and beauty as it’s calling card. This wonderful island has been rated in the Top 20 in all sorts of categories like Top Ten Beaches, Top 20 Restaurants in the world, yes the world.  It is known for it’s family atmosphere and the privacy it provides it’s visitors.

If you are looking for a vacation home in theCaribbean give me a call and let me help you through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. Get your money working for you and allow the love of your family to pour in.  A vacation home is a great opportunity to save you money now and make you money in the future.


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