Vacation Time is upon us. Best Deals Anguilla

Memorial Day in Texas

This Memorial Day in the United States was frenzied with activity in the New York area.  Honoring our military hero’s, marching in parades, getting the screens in the windows, but the greatest frenzy was the weather.  It was beautiful here.  Temperatures allowed you to feel the summer, on it’s best days.  Warm and sunny during the day and cool yet comfortable in the night. It was easy to feel the joys of summer and vacation. Vacation is such a wonderful part of our time line lives. We remember our lives by our vacations, don’t we?  I do.

The island of Anguilla has great beaches.  The theme of your vacation might be best beaches and in Anguilla on Shoal Bay East you have reputedly on of the best beaches in all the world, by visitors ratings. Instead of dodging the texting, distracted driver next to you in your commute, you are walking on the edge of the turquoise water.  In your mind the story could go any direction, for me I like to skirt the front edge of the end of the last wave holding back the waves from storming the beach with my foot.

The Viceroy Spa and Wellness Center

In this way I have to feel the ocean and it’s waves so that my toes are not overrun by the end of the wave, but my sturdy foot walking the path is holding back the great blue ocean.   Vacation is where I can wage this timeless battle.  The battle for the best places in the world to have a vacation and Anguilla is one of them.

Beaches like those in Anguilla can be rented or owned.  Give us a call for some of the finest vacation spots you’ll want to visit.  Contact us !

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