The Beach, The Restaurants are the Best; Anguilla Vacations

Shoal Bay Anguilla view from the porch

When looking for the best in the world in terms of vacations everyone has an opinion.  According to polls conducted in a variety of travel magazines and on-line surveys Anguilla has come up as one of the Top 20 places in the world for both their beaches and several of their restaurants.  If you are looking for the best, Anguilla has it allShoal Bay East is world known for the amazing, romantic, family friendly beach. This is just one of the many beaches on this beautiful island located just 7 nautical miles from St Martin’s.  Unlike the rowdy, gambling night life you can find in St Martin’s, Anguilla is a quiet and family friendly resort that caters to the wealthy, the celebrity and you if you are lucky enough to have found this wonderful vacation spot.

All across the world people search out great restaurants and for years those looking just by-passed the Caribbean. Caribbean luxury restaurants just couldn’t compete with the real luxury found in, say Paris, New York, Rome or other famous locales known for great food.  And yet several of the restaurants on Anguilla have been consistently voted Top 20 in the world for their food and ambiance.  What can be better than having one of the best meals of your life and then stepping outside to find yourself in this quiet and comfortable Caribbean oasis.

Angulla real estate is love

Vacations are such special time for family, friends and perhaps a business partner or two just trying to spend some time together outside the hustle and bustle of the work day world.  Owning a piece of this special spot is simpler than you think. First step is to find a real estate professional who is well versed in the procedures to find, secure and close on a vacation home for you.  Anguilla uses English as it’s language and the US Dollar as its currency, but the real estate laws are far different.  Like Manhattan it is not always easy to purchase the land your vacation home sits on, but we have some property with fabulous homes, ocean views and deeded land. Contact Us for more information and allow me to find you the perfect spot in the world.  You deserve that much. Concierge real estate at it’s best.

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