Things I do on vacation. Anguilla Day Dreaming

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Imaging what you would do with the millions you receive for your winning lottery ticket may be a past time for some, but not for you.  You are making your winnings each and every day.  The political and economic landscape out there looks like a crap shoot with any number of probable outcomes.  One thing is true and certain and it always has been. Real Estate.  Owning land has always been the best long term investment for money, period.  It has had it’s knocks of late, but just like the Warren Buffet students, jumping on real estate as an investment is a no-brainer.

Once that decision is made, real estate is the best option out there for basing a believe in long term growth on history. The lawyer steps in to remind, I am not a lawyer and can not practice law, I am a Realtor® and we are held to a higher standard.  Buying real estate abroad can be a quagmire of confusing information, laws, customs and procedures.  Having the right partner to navigate those waters for you and dock a successful real estate transaction removes risk.

Relaxing in Anguilla, Kristine Ginsberg Photo

Anguilla is an island near St Martin’s in the Caribbean.  It is an easy commute from any where along the East Coast of the US.  It is also very popular for Eur0pean’s with discriminating taste.  Both the beaches and several of the restaurants have been named the best in the world.  Anguilla has no gambling, but it is English speaking using the US dollar as it’s currency making it easier for those who speak English and use the Dollar as their currency.  Let me help you find just the right property and get the deal done in a way that gets you down the road for being so smart.

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