The best vacation meal, Anguilla

Jacala Restaurant Caribbean Anguilla

Jacala Restaurant Anguilla

Do you have a favorite restaurant?  Is one of your favorite restaurants from a discovery on some vacation?  This is such a common story told with uncommon passion and memory for most of us. Anguilla has more than a couple of restaurants that rank in some of the top 20 lists in all the world.  This is somewhat mind boggling considering that Anguilla is in the Caribbean with St Martin’s being it’s closest neighbor.

For me it is more a favorite desert because I normally only have desserts when we are out is on vacation.  I feel the days of activity allow me the night of calories and great memories.  Another thing I don’t often do, but I love to is play golf.  Sad to say it is usually only on vacation and fortunately Anguilla has a world class course to play.  And fortunately for me we are in the Caribbean and my casual character of play is acceptable and creates a wonderful day, while my wife enjoys a spa day at one of those places that celebrity folks use when they visit.  By the end of the day we are exhausted from papering ourselves you would think a fine meal wouldn’t penetrate all that bliss, but then you would be wrong.

Veya Restaurant Anguilla BWi

Walking along the beach both to and from tonight’s restaurant, (I won’t spoil it here by sharing my favorites, I have already said too much.  I love walking on the beach after a great meal.  Just the timing and the relaxed nature blending with the gentle surf lapping at the shore.

Golf, Spas, some of the best beaches in the world and all these great restaurants.  Owning property in Anguilla could be one of the best thing that ever happened.

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