The Gold Standard of Real Estate: Anguilla BWI

Anguilla BWi Beach

Long before there was money there was land.  Land has been the gold standard for as long as wealth has been calculated.  Voting rights were connected to land ownership here in the US.  Kings gave land to Nobles who allowed workers to work the land and keep some of the results, but the land owner was the one who made all the money, or in this case wealth.

There are times in the swing of economic pendulum’s when there is great opportunity and now is clearly one of them.  With interest rates at an all time low and second homes ready to be had at incredibly low rates, it makes sense to consider putting real estate into your portfolio.  Real estate has been the steady climbing investment year over year beyond any other investment.  No, I am not a financial planner, I am a Realtor® who sees the opportunity and am listening to people like Warren Buffet who does know a thing or too about great investments talk about real estate being the best opportunity out there right now.

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If you are looking for a second home, a vacation home, a business vacation home, or a potential home to rent and produce positive income for you I would be happy to help you get exactly what you want.  As an international real estate specialist working with fine luxury homes in places like Anguilla.

This is a concierge real estate service.  We will find you exactly what you want at a price you will love wherever you would like it.  I will search and secure this property for you in an easy and smooth transaction.  A vacation home pays dividends immediately as your family and friends join you, but the real advantage is buying something at the right price and under the right circumstances.  Give me a call today or contact us!

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