Shared Costs, Increased Freedom are the reasons.

Snorkel on the island of Anguilla

Shared costs and increased freedom are some of the reasons people in the luxury vacation market are choosing fractional ownership, or shared ownership.  The shared costs do increase the freedom because the costs are lower.  Should you get together with a number of liked minded people you can share the joy of less cost.  As the boomers begin to see the light of retirement and the opportunity to reset the schedule and make the choices of how to spend your time and where they are surrounded with so much choice.  It just makes sense to grab it all, if you can.  Fractional ownership or shared ownership is a way to do more with less.

There is a good article about this on The Reasons to Buy a Private Residence Club or Luxury Fractional

Fractional ownership, at least the name, has a bad reputation within some communities.  The fact that there is no one single entity to maintain and control a property somehow made the upkeep less likely.  This is not the case in most well run fractional ownership situations.  It is all in the way the system is set up and controlled. The beauty of fractional ownership is that it allows the person to spread their vacation home dollars further.  Instead of all of one paradise you can have pieces of several paradises.  Beach when you want, mountains when you want or whatever your heart desires as your home away from home.

Let’s go Anguilla Diving

Having the time to spend doing what you want is the hall mark of this new generation of retirees. We want what we want because we have worked for it and we are still young enough to enjoy it.  The island of Anguilla provides so much; beautiful beaches, safe, secure and stable economy, a respect for privacy and security are all attributes it can boast about, but what you leave with is a sense of complete relaxation and rejuvenation. That is why so many celebrities and the wealthy choose it as their private hideaway.

 Shared costs and increased freedom are some of the reasons along with Price and Value.  The Island of Anguilla can be yours ….

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