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As the baby boomers move off into retirement age this does not mean they want to retire their moneyProtecting assets and having your assets grow is not a desire that suddenly goes away at any age.  In fact it becomes more honed and more directed as you gain experience and wisdom from your failures.  Real estate, and particularly Anguilla Real Estate, is an investment worth researching.  Not only do you get the benefit of owning some of the nicest island property in the world (we will get to the proof of this statement soon), but you also get the benefit of virtually no taxes moving forward.  While not all land is for sale in Anguilla some select homes can deed you the land along with the home.  This is step one in protecting an asset.  Get it somewhere safe where it has a reasonable expectation of growing.

Here is the disclaimer, I am not an attorney, nor an accountant you need to work with these professionals to get a professional opinion.  My opinion is based on experience and statistics.  As Mark Twain says about statistic, “There are lies, damnable lies and statistics.”  I agree, but knowing what you want and getting you that is my expertise.

Anguilla has 33 beautiful beaches.  These beaches are so wonderful that they have made the list of the Top Ten Beaches in the World.  Anguilla is a haven for the celebrity who wants to find privacy and security and the wealthy who want privacy and security. Paris Hilton once said of the privacy in Anguilla, “it is the only place I feel comfortable without a bodyguard.”  So there you have it, the proof that the Angulla Real Estate beaches are the best.

Scilly Cay Rum Punch

We represent a number of exclusive private homes on the island with an array of amenities, sizes and seclusion.  Owning a piece of paradise where you can spend time relaxing, rejuvinating and reinventing is more about retirement than retirement.  Why not wake up in paradise and do what you like to do.  Temenos is a world known golf course on Anguilla.  You are surrounded in Anguilla by beautiful blue water bathed in warm beautiful sun and island breezes.  Yup, there are other opportunities here.  Deep Sea Fishing, Snorkeling, Swimming, there are incredible Spas on the island like Malliouhana Spa, Cap Jaluca, CuisinArt Resort and SpaMalakh Day Spa, and The Viceroy as well as others.

When you are in the Caribbean and thrilled with the weather, the relaxation, the island beauty you sometimes, on other islands have to wait to a return to civilization for a good meal, but this is not so on Anguilla.  Anguilla, small island that it is in the Caribbean only 7 nautical miles from St Martin’s.  More than a couple of the great restaurants in Anguilla have ended up in the Top 50 Restaurants in the world.  This is a huge benefit to living and vacationing in Anguilla.  Great food can be had at places like, Blanchards RestaurantScilly Cay RestaurantCote Mer, Straw Hat, Tasty’s

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