Cote Mer Reopens for the season, Anguilla Restaurants

Cote Mer Bouillabaisse

Cote Mer reopens this month. This is one of the top restaurants in Anguilla and one of the top restaurants in the world according to polls that make these judgments.  One of the specialties of this fabulous restaurant is the BOUILLABAISSE, It is not just a soup, it is a meal fit for a King, Queen and the castle staff.  After finishing one of these entrees you may find yourself needing to lie in one of the hammocks on the beach for a while and just enjoy the tropical air and the warm salt breeze.

Many people plan events at Cote Mer.  Weddings, corporate events (you would be surprised how much business is done in Anguilla).  Many companies, or their CEO’s have villas on the island for just this reason.  Bringing your clients to a place like Anguilla where you can run into Sandra Bullock of Robert DeNiro to name just two is a place that helps people relax away from the office.  But enough about business other than to say that Anguilla has the highest rental rates in all of the Caribbean, now back to fantastic food.

Cote Mer Lobster Thermidor Party

Lobster Thermidoris another specialty of Cote Mer.  The Lobsters in Anguilla are Texas sized and larger, but don’t tell a Texan that.  There are parties at Cote Mer where with wonderful concoction of lobster, butter, spices and love are put together by the chef in such a way that you won’t want to leave.  This is a Wednesday party in Anguilla. Using the old fashioned french recipe this thermidor becomes it’s creamy, cheesy, mustardy, mushroomy, tarragony, cognacy and frenchy self.  This is a must try for anyone who visits Anguilla and wants more than just your ordinary 30 pound lobster.

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