The Fall Chill, Not too far from the beach-Anguilla

Flowers in the Living Room

With the fall weather about to pull on it’s sweater in the northeast it is time to think of the next beach vacation.  Are you asking yourself where you can find the best beaches in the world?  Conde Nast and Traveler say Anguilla.  So you like the Caribbean but you don’t know Anguilla.  Huh?  Where have you been? Just wondering? Anguilla is seven miles from St Martin’s (Maarten’s).  It is an island that is easy to get to in your private jet, and hard to forget once you have arrived.

Golf at Cap Juluca and their Temenos course.  Relaxing on one of the 33 beaches on the island available for you.  Only a couple of properties have frontage and we represent many of these homes.  One home has more than 260 feet of ocean frontage with views surrounding  more than the eye can see without moving their heads.  An incredible visita.  A large home built for entertaining and relaxing with a great room close to a chef’s kitchen that overlooks an infinity pool that sits above Shoal Bay. With a private balcony with most of the bedrooms you may not want to go out for dinner.

If you do go out, there is a lot of choice and this is another reason why Anguilla is so the right place. Anguilla has a couple of the restaurants designated as the best in the world by acclaim and magazine.  This would be surprising in the Caribbean, but is no surprise in Anguilla where the British influence and the French embrace mixed with the natives to create a wonderful blend of people and spirit.

If you are looking to rent a vacation home, or purchase a home by yourself, or with some partners let’s talk.  We represent a variety of private homes that will never show up in the listings.  210-860-1775

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