Straw Hat Restaurant Anguilla

Straw Hat Anguilla

Straw Hat Restaurant Anguilla Straw Hat Restaurant on Meads Bay Beach sits in the Fragipani Resort.   Beautiful setting, easy to find and has a very nice menu.     Parking is easy and plenty of room….Stroll over to the Straw Hat Restaurant and enjoy !!!       After getting seated at Straw Hat [...]

Anguilla Weather Forecast

7 Palms Anguilla

Anguilla Weather Forecast   If you are traveling to Anguilla or just want to dream …planning on a trip to Anguilla … Knowing a little about the weather in Anguilla. You can check the difference in temperatures of where you live Thank You for coming by …if we can be of further help please contact [...]

Restaurants in Anguilla, Winter Rentals


Anguilla has some of the best restaurants in all the Caribbean.  Catering to a world class clientele the chef’s in Anguilla mix fresh ingredients with a perfect atmosphere to delight and enthrall. You can search this website for a variety of individual and group reviews of the food and the atmosphere of the fine restaurants, [...]

Familiarity breeds delight, Anguilla Rentals


The season is upon us, people are already renting their winter vacation spots now.  Anguilla, in the Caribbean is one of the best islands in the world.  By international acclaim, Anguilla has some of the best beaches in the world.  It also has some of the best restaurants  in the Caribbean.  The atmosphere is safe, [...]

Summertime Black and Blues, Anguilla


Heading into the last weeks of August and Irene has just left the area here in New England with some repair work.  In other areas of the country south of MA there was some considerable damage and delay.  I think if you were delayed by the much hyped pending storm, then you were not paying [...]

Market Successes, Anguilla Real Estate

7 Palms from Shoal Bay

With all the market successes, and failures this year people are nervous about their money. They are nervous about the economy and are looking for safe havens for their assets.  Land, Property and homes have long been the true gold standard for wealth.  This has been the reality forever.   Here in the US you had [...]

Protecting your Assets, a hero to your family


What parent doesn’t want to protect their growing assets?  Everyone who has assets wants them to be protected.  Who wouldn’t like to be perceived as a hero to their family?  With the world economy in turmoil and here in the US there is discussion about further taxing the rich everyone is looking at ways to [...]

The Early Winter Bird gets the best vacation, Anguilla


It seems almost wrong to be thinking of winter vacations right now while it is still August, but we all know that pre-planning gets you great deals at the best spots, or the best spots with a deal.  Being their first is important.  Now that your summer vacation tan has yet to fade if you [...]

Vacation Home, Rent, Own, or Rent to Own?


Now is the perfect time to revisit the question, Vacation Villas, Rent, Own, or Rent to Own? The thing is with interest rates so incredibly low right now you not only have these options, but several more when considering how to use your vacation money wisely. We are leaving the summer vacation time and looking [...]

Shared Costs, Increased Freedom are the reasons.


Shared costs and increased freedom are some of the reasons people in the luxury vacation market are choosing fractional ownership, or shared ownership.  The shared costs do increase the freedom because the costs are lower.  Should you get together with a number of liked minded people you can share the joy of less cost.  As [...]