Jacala Beach Restaurant Anguilla

Jacala Beach Restaurant Anguilla

Jacala Beach Restaurant Anguilla Jacala Beach Restaurant on Meads Bay Beach is a small upscale restaurant that is a must go to while on Anguilla.             If you go for lunch ….you can also walk out onto Meads Bay Beach …take a dip in the Sea..Enjoy your time on Anguilla [...]

The best vacation meal, Anguilla

Have some fun !!

Do you have a favorite restaurant?  Is one of your favorite restaurants from a discovery on some vacation?  This is such a common story told with uncommon passion and memory for most of us. Anguilla has more than a couple of restaurants that rank in some of the top 20 lists in all the world.  [...]

Jacala Restaurant Anguilla

Meads Bay Anguilla Jacala 7 Palms Villa

Jacala Restaurant  Anguilla Jacala Restaurant on Meads Bay in the Caribbean on the Island of Anguilla.                       Truly a World Class Restaurant ……  Anguilla Villas  7 Palms Villa….. While meeting a few friends for Lunch …Fabreez ( French Chef) and Emeline (Wine Dist) …..Fabreez said let’s go to [...]

The Pumphouse Anguilla- “the Place” for nightlife!


The Pumphouse Anguilla If you are visiting Anguilla and are looking for a place to go relax in the evening and listen to live music then The Pumphouse Anguilla is “the place” to enjoy Anguilla nightlife. The Pumphouse Anguilla is a historical building with a fun past. For many years it was used as a [...]

Don’t Miss The Beaches of Shoal Bay Anguilla


Shoal Bay Anguilla The beaches on Shoal Bay Anguilla are some of the premier stretches of sand in the Caribbean and are considered to be some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The area is called Shoal Bay because of the shoals and reefs just off the coast. These reefs protect the beach [...]

What to have for breakfast !! Lobster

Have some fun !!

What to have for breakfast !!   Lobster While on a Caribbean Vacation in Anguilla …Relaxing, reading and enjoying Life !  I was staying at 7 Palms Villaover Valentines Day !   Watching the wales in the distance passing by truly a sight to be seen …..!!! Passing the time in the afternoon , I decided to [...]

The Anguilla Ferry System


One way of getting to Anguilla is taking the Anguilla Ferry from St. Martin, however that also means you can just as easily take the Anguilla Ferry for a day trip to neighboring island St. Martin, Sint Maarten and enjoy a day of shopping and other festivities. The Anguilla Ferry is coordinated by the Anguilla [...]

Caribbean Villas: Would you like to own a Villa in the Caribbean?


Caribbean Villas: Would you like to own a Villa in the Caribbean? Some people dream of experiencing an exclusive location where they can relax and be pampered in a serene environment. While there are many destinations that fit these desires, Anguilla in the Caribbean, is a destination that stands apart from the rest. It is [...]

Victoria’s Secret .. in Anguilla


Victoria’s Secret  ..  in Anguilla Well traveling to Anguilla Villas …. in Anguilla… I came upon Victoria’s Secret …….. Limitless     Quite a sight !!! Here’s a You Tube of Limitless coming into Simson Bay St Martin 10 th largest yacht in the world   ……  Awesome sight ….. !!!! No pictures of the interior ……….. Mega Yacht  “Limitless” www.facebook.com/SevenPalmsVillaAnguillaVictoria’s Secret  ..  in Anguilla  

Anguilla Goats

Goats at play

Anguilla Goats When you arrive in Anguilla …You will find the Anguilla Goats !!!   They are by the Blowing Point Ferry …Out front of the Airport and on the way to your Villa or Hotel.     Drive around Anguilla to Shoal Bay, Le Bon Pain, Hibernia or the round about …..   You will see Anguilla [...]