Straw Hat Restaurant Anguilla

Straw Hat Anguilla

Straw Hat Restaurant Anguilla Straw Hat Restaurant on Meads Bay Beach sits in the Fragipani Resort.   Beautiful setting, easy to find and has a very nice menu.     Parking is easy and plenty of room….Stroll over to the Straw Hat Restaurant and enjoy !!!       After getting seated at Straw Hat [...]

Jacala Restaurant Anguilla

Meads Bay Anguilla Jacala 7 Palms Villa

Jacala Restaurant  Anguilla Jacala Restaurant on Meads Bay in the Caribbean on the Island of Anguilla.                       Truly a World Class Restaurant ……  Anguilla Villas  7 Palms Villa….. While meeting a few friends for Lunch …Fabreez ( French Chef) and Emeline (Wine Dist) …..Fabreez said let’s go to [...]

Looking for romance? Looking for place, Anguilla real estate


You can find romance almost anywhere, and yet they talk about Paris in the Spring don’t they?  Romance is often connected to place and Anguilla Real Estate is filled with the warm breezes of love.  Anguilla is where celebrities go when they want to get away, be private and relax.  Anguilla is a place where [...]

Mom’s Guide to Anguilla Real Estate and the best vacation spot


Mom’s Guide to Anguilla Real Estate is here.  Do you have beach babies?  Are your kids the ones you have to pull off the beach at the end of the day?  Do you wonder where the best beaches in the world are?  Anguilla vacation homes are your answer.  Anguilla has over 33 amazing beaches and [...]

Market Successes, Anguilla Real Estate

7 Palms from Shoal Bay

With all the market successes, and failures this year people are nervous about their money. They are nervous about the economy and are looking for safe havens for their assets.  Land, Property and homes have long been the true gold standard for wealth.  This has been the reality forever.   Here in the US you had [...]