Vacation Homes: The real opportunity

Porch, Infinity Pool, Shoal Bay

The real opportunity with a vacation home is not the fact your family will love you, or your friends and colleagues will covet your home and want to visit. The real opportunity is to put your money into a growth investment that you can use.  Real estate is at a point right now that you [...]

A warm beach and gentle breezes, dreams of Anguilla


I woke up early thinking of the beach.  It is always like this when the real winter shows up. The first couple of weeks where you are really considering pulling out that coat you can get away with not doing so because you are from New England,  and the NFL playoffs are on for the [...]

Timeshare versus Fractional Ownership


The boomer generation is out looking for some fun, some of them-the zoomers, as they are known-are looking for a lot of fun.  Back in the 1980′s the phenomena of Timeshare came into real estate.  This is a transaction where you purchased a “timeshare”, usually a vacation destination.  You were then able to use your [...]

Anguilla Art Scene, Things to see in Anguilla

Lynne Bernbaum Art Studio

The Anguilla Art scene is thriving and there is plenty of things to do in Anguilla.  Music, Art, Craft and more are all available.  Because Anguilla in the Caribbean has the reputation of being a private and safe island for your visit whether you are a celebrity, royalty, or just the folks next door it [...]

Spa Life in Anguilla, Caribbean Luxury


There are wonderful Spa’s in Anguilla, I have already written about several of them on this website, but I thought I would do an overview for you.  CuisinArt Resort, Malliouhana, Viceroy, and Cap Julica are all incredible.  Frankly you really can’t go wrong with any of these places.  There are some differences.  You can read [...]

Why Anguilla Resort Vacation Home


When considering why and where to buy your vacation home there are a number is issues to be worked through.  Anguilla, a small and private island in the Caribbean located seven nautical miles from St Martin’s, is special.  It is special in many ways.  Safe and secure, Anguilla is known for providing its celebrity and [...]

Temenos Golf Course, Anguilla Vacation


What can be better than getting away from everything for a while and playing some golf in truly wonderful weather.  This week our Red Sox limp into town at 0-6, this the team that was supposed to be the best in baseball this season.  Well as every golfer knows there are a lot of shots [...]

Balancing Life and Work; Anguilla Real Estate for Sale


  Truly successful people learn how to balance life and work and one of those ways is finding a home away from the home routines.  Owning property has always been a way to keep your wealth and grow it.  Even with the meltdown of the economy fueled by real estate speculation the problem wasn’t real [...]

Cote Mer, Anguilla A restaurant with a story and great food.


Cote Mer in Anguilla is a much loved restaurant for it’s food, it’s location and the people who have created the atmosphere and food.  How one gets from Moscow to Anguilla to create incredible French and Mediterranean food is a long story, one that is best heard from Stephan or Thomas while sitting in the [...]

Snorkeling and sunning on a great beach


The winter is not quite over here in the Northeast and so we can all be wishing for a warm beach, but even if the weather goes from cold to hot in a day, as it tends to do in New England, we can still be thinking of the beach.  Anguilla has had its beaches [...]