Business Vacation, Family Vacation Anguilla Real Estate


More the 250 feet of ocean frontage in the caribbean overlooking Shoal Bay in Anguilla. Large villa with infinity pool, chef’s kitchen, ocean views on three sides, a fabulous Great room where you enjoy each other’s company is for sale or lease.  7 Palms Villa in Anguilla sits on one of the most coveted pieces of [...]

A warm beach and gentle breezes, dreams of Anguilla


I woke up early thinking of the beach.  It is always like this when the real winter shows up. The first couple of weeks where you are really considering pulling out that coat you can get away with not doing so because you are from New England,  and the NFL playoffs are on for the [...]

Vacation Home, Rent, Own, or Rent to Own?


Now is the perfect time to revisit the question, Vacation Villas, Rent, Own, or Rent to Own? The thing is with interest rates so incredibly low right now you not only have these options, but several more when considering how to use your vacation money wisely. We are leaving the summer vacation time and looking [...]

Timeshare versus Fractional Ownership


The boomer generation is out looking for some fun, some of them-the zoomers, as they are known-are looking for a lot of fun.  Back in the 1980′s the phenomena of Timeshare came into real estate.  This is a transaction where you purchased a “timeshare”, usually a vacation destination.  You were then able to use your [...]

Snorkeling and sunning on a great beach


The winter is not quite over here in the Northeast and so we can all be wishing for a warm beach, but even if the weather goes from cold to hot in a day, as it tends to do in New England, we can still be thinking of the beach.  Anguilla has had its beaches [...]

More, lots more, for less Anguilla Real Estate for sale


There are times in the economic cycles of business when you can get more for less.  People like Warren Buffett have made Billions on this premise.  Well, now is one of those times.  Anguilla real estate is a highly coveted asset that is garnering incredible amounts of interest from celebrity and the wealthy alike for [...]

Anguilla Real Estate-Rent to Own


Purchasing a high end property demands a great deal of due deligence and thought.  Sometimes a “rent to own” strategy is the best and we are making that possible for some of the Anguilla property we have available.  Renting to own provides you the opportunity to test drive the home and it’s location as you [...]

Luxury in Anguilla to own


When you search for luxury in Anguilla, Cap Juluca is a resort that will pop up. There is no doubt that your family would enjoy incredible views, wonderful food and a relaxed and private time on Anguilla. Anguilla Real Estate is hot right now because of the ABC show The Bachelor that aired a show on Valentines Day shot on the island. Most islanders and visitors to the island that have enjoyed the private, unspoiled beauty of this magical island hated the show. They want to keep it all to themselves and who can blame them.

Spring Vacation Forever

Feb12 weather anguilla

Anguilla Real Estate has these simple questions; In the middle of the winter would you rather be at 7 degrees or 83 degrees? Would you rather be looking out on several feet of snow, or the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean? Spring vacation is upon us now and time is running out on the opportunity to own your own Caribbean villa. The temperatures in Anguilla are always wonderful compared to the Northeast of the United States. You, your family and friends could be enjoying the luxury and comfort of Anguilla, a tiny island just seven miles from well know St Martin’s.

Anguilla Real Estate


Buying property in Anguilla is unique in several ways. I will explain. To purchase a home in Anguilla does not necessarily mean you are purchasing the land with it. There is a Government Policy on Land Acquisition by Aliens. This does not mean E.T., this means any non-native person. The real estate here comes with these documents and there is less difficulty with the purchase.