The Beach, The Restaurants are the Best; Anguilla Vacations

Lobster Dinner in Anguilla

When looking for the best in the world in terms of vacations everyone has an opinion.  According to polls conducted in a variety of travel magazines and on-line surveys Anguilla has come up as one of the Top 20 places in the world for both their beaches and several of their restaurants.  If you are [...]

Having it all! Anguilla Real Estate

Boat Ride to Scilly Cay

Having it all !   Anguilla Real EstateIt is bonus time of year and with the economy settling in to the slow realization that the sky is no longer falling further we can get back to thinking about all the great opportunity out there in the real estate market. Anguilla real estate is one place you [...]

Anguilla Art Scene, Things to see in Anguilla

Lynne Bernbaum Art Studio

The Anguilla Art scene is thriving and there is plenty of things to do in Anguilla.  Music, Art, Craft and more are all available.  Because Anguilla in the Caribbean has the reputation of being a private and safe island for your visit whether you are a celebrity, royalty, or just the folks next door it [...]

Thinking Vacation Home-Anguilla Real Estate


The economy is not bad for everyone. There are those out there who are doing quite well thank you. There are those out there with windfalls of money from gas and mineral leases, money from selling their company, or taking their company public.  There are legal professionals who who large cases and all these people [...]

Why Anguilla Resort Vacation Home


When considering why and where to buy your vacation home there are a number is issues to be worked through.  Anguilla, a small and private island in the Caribbean located seven nautical miles from St Martin’s, is special.  It is special in many ways.  Safe and secure, Anguilla is known for providing its celebrity and [...]

Balancing Life and Work; Anguilla Real Estate for Sale


  Truly successful people learn how to balance life and work and one of those ways is finding a home away from the home routines.  Owning property has always been a way to keep your wealth and grow it.  Even with the meltdown of the economy fueled by real estate speculation the problem wasn’t real [...]

Cote Mer, Anguilla A restaurant with a story and great food.


Cote Mer in Anguilla is a much loved restaurant for it’s food, it’s location and the people who have created the atmosphere and food.  How one gets from Moscow to Anguilla to create incredible French and Mediterranean food is a long story, one that is best heard from Stephan or Thomas while sitting in the [...]

Snorkeling and sunning on a great beach


The winter is not quite over here in the Northeast and so we can all be wishing for a warm beach, but even if the weather goes from cold to hot in a day, as it tends to do in New England, we can still be thinking of the beach.  Anguilla has had its beaches [...]

The best restaurant, the best story Anguilla Real Estate for Sale


Blanchard’s is not just one of the best restaurants on Anguilla it is also one of the best stories about family, friends, entrepreurship and love. Bob and Melinda Blanchard have been married for more that thirty years.  In that time they have lived a life filled with adventure, love and food.  Blanchard’s is not one [...]