Anticipation of the first snow. Anguilla Real Estate

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Anguilla is small and private, family and business friendly island with English as the language and the dollar as it’s currency.  It never snows in Anguilla, but midish June it is mid summer and warm, very warm in New England.  Being from New England, descendents of the first Americans looking for independence and freedom, we [...]

The best vacation meal, Anguilla

Have some fun !!

Do you have a favorite restaurant?  Is one of your favorite restaurants from a discovery on some vacation?  This is such a common story told with uncommon passion and memory for most of us. Anguilla has more than a couple of restaurants that rank in some of the top 20 lists in all the world.  [...]

Anguilla Real Estate; Not your ordinary opportunity


  When looking for investment opportunities the real opportunities exist in real estate today, yesterday and last year.  Well, maybe not in 2007-2009, but that is when you were protecting your money so that now you could make a great investment. Real estate, land, vacation homes are a way to put your money into something [...]

Vacation Homes: The real opportunity

Porch, Infinity Pool, Shoal Bay

The real opportunity with a vacation home is not the fact your family will love you, or your friends and colleagues will covet your home and want to visit. The real opportunity is to put your money into a growth investment that you can use.  Real estate is at a point right now that you [...]

Don’t Miss The Beaches of Shoal Bay Anguilla


Shoal Bay Anguilla The beaches on Shoal Bay Anguilla are some of the premier stretches of sand in the Caribbean and are considered to be some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The area is called Shoal Bay because of the shoals and reefs just off the coast. These reefs protect the beach [...]

Victoria’s Secret .. in Anguilla


Victoria’s Secret  ..  in Anguilla Well traveling to Anguilla Villas …. in Anguilla… I came upon Victoria’s Secret …….. Limitless     Quite a sight !!! Here’s a You Tube of Limitless coming into Simson Bay St Martin 10 th largest yacht in the world   ……  Awesome sight ….. !!!! No pictures of the interior ……….. Mega Yacht  “Limitless”’s Secret  ..  in Anguilla  

Things to do in Anguilla, Winter Vacations

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Things to do in Anguilla, Winter Vacations When most people who have been to Anguilla think about what to do in Anguilla, so many people think beach, relax eat, but this is barely scratching the surface.  We offer a number of private and exclusive homes for sale or rental.  Rent, Rent to own, Option Contracts, [...]

World Class Diving in Anguilla …. So Pristine !


World Class Diving in Anguilla   ….  So Pristine ! So much to see and do in Anguilla !!   A favorite is to go snorkeling and diving .   So serene and quiet ….  Giving you a peaceful view of another world..! Seeing so much …. Fish .. Sea Turtles .. Sea Rays … Lobsters… and more [...]

Thinking Vacation Home-Anguilla Real Estate


The economy is not bad for everyone. There are those out there who are doing quite well thank you. There are those out there with windfalls of money from gas and mineral leases, money from selling their company, or taking their company public.  There are legal professionals who who large cases and all these people [...]